Cold Read – Musiervsal – Some kind of decentralised music studio concept

This pitch deck is a goldmine of examples on how to get an investor to spend a lot of time on your pitch deck, but also how to really piss an investor off with over-hyping to-a-fault the problem/solution alongside proposing a rather naive fundraise strategy For those who don’t know, a ‘cold read’ is where […]

Startup Fundraising Bootcamp – How to have a conversation with a potential investor

That’s right, founderlings! There’s too much advice out there telling you how to ‘pitch’ – but nowhere near enough telling you how to ‘talk’. I’ve attempted to condense my 13 years of startup fundraising experience into a short and snappy ‘bootcamp’ – covering things I wish someone told me on day one. There’s of course […]

Cold Read – Rockids – a reading-trainer application for young children with dyslexia

Now this is an *excellent* example of an early-stage/pre-seed pitch deck. Like… really… wowsers! It’s often too easy to show/share things that people do badly – but if it’s not counter-balanced with sharing what people do right, then what’s the point, eh?! Here we have Rockids – a reading-trainer application for young children with dyslexia. […]

WTF is Startup Fundraising? The importance of understanding ‘Owner Motivation’

Hello chums. When a founder ‘raises money’ through investment, they’re essentially inviting another individual or company to become another *owner* of their startup. Obviously, for the privilege (and I really do mean that word – privilege), they pay a price to become an owner. But – why? What are they motivated by when it comes […]

WTF is Startup Fundraising anyway?! Part 2: Know who you’re talking to…

Raising investment is hard. But I believe it’s hard because people follow too much advice on *how* to raise money, instead of asking for advice on *why* people invest in startups in the first place. it’s a big topic – obviously – and this is only a few minutes. In these few minutes, I speak […]

WTF is Startup Fundraising? Part 1 – think of it like changing momentum

Ah. Fundraising. A commonly misunderstood topic. In today’s small little nugget, I make the comparison that fundraising is like using money to change your project’s momentum. Momentum is made up of ‘stuff’, ‘speed’ and a ‘direction’. When you fundraise, you kinda take a punt on how much of those things might change as a result […]

Cold Read – Tickets for Good

PITCH DECK COLD READ TIME! Here we have a fine example of a founder attempting to create a new and novel kind of #pitchdeck , but it failing totally and miserably 🙁 Watch the video to see how… Oh dear 🙁 In this Cold Read, we have Tickets for Good – an events ticket reseller […]

Crowdcube Pitch Review – Howbout – August 2022 (Full Version)

This is the full version review of the Howbout pitch deck on Crowdcube (…) In short, a good deck – but 4 really important unanswered questions… 1) How do they see investors getting a return? It’s not clear in their financial model 2) User growth – numbers are good but only if it’s retention 3) […]