WTF is Startup Fundraising? Understanding the importance of your Founder Character type


Hello fellow founderlings. Startup fundraising is a tricky thing at the best of times. But a common error from my observation is that founders attempt to speak a language that isn’t their own. They often believe it’s important to ‘speak biznuss’. To come across like a seasoned CEO. They tie themselves in knots and fall into the trap of not sounding *credible*. Credibility is the ultimate key to successful fundraising. And credibility is made up of a few things: timing (an alternative view to ‘traction’ – more videos on that one coming soon), a plan, and your intentions. But credibility is also a function of your language. No good (early stage) investor expects an inventor to speak like an MBA. And no good (early stage) investor expects a business person to speak like an inventor. Knowing the difference between whether you are an inventor, producer, entrepreneur, or business founder helps you understand what language to speak in the early rounds of fundraising. This video attempts to share my perspective on the differences, and how to ‘pick’ which persona you identify with the most. There’s no wrong persona. But to pretend you’re something you’re not, or to not put your best persona-foot forward, diminishes your credibility – and ultimate your ability to fundraise.

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