WTF is Startup Fundraising? The importance of understanding ‘Owner Motivation’


Hello chums. When a founder ‘raises money’ through investment, they’re essentially inviting another individual or company to become another *owner* of their startup. Obviously, for the privilege (and I really do mean that word – privilege), they pay a price to become an owner. But – why? What are they motivated by when it comes to buying a piece of your startup? Understanding that motivation allows you, the founder, to align your *owner* motivations. By doing so, you share a common professional goal. However, raise money from an investor (who therefore becomes an owner) that doesn’t share or have a compatible motivation to you, often results in ‘bad blood’ when the inevitable pivot comes your way. So, take this in. It’s, for me, one of the most important realisations of my career. And I hope it helps you rethink why someone might invest in your startup.

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