Cold Read – Musiervsal – Some kind of decentralised music studio concept


This pitch deck is a goldmine of examples on how to get an investor to spend a lot of time on your pitch deck, but also how to really piss an investor off with over-hyping to-a-fault the problem/solution alongside proposing a rather naive fundraise strategy For those who don’t know, a ‘cold read’ is where I take a #pitchdeck of a #startup I’ve never seen before, and record myself saying everything I believe a *good* #investor might think about your #deck, but never ever tell you. So, because it has sooooo many awesome nuggets of what to and what not to do’s for a #pitch deck that gets sent over email, this will be my longest cold read video yet at 7.5 minutes. Sorry. But hey… the unedited is 20 mins – so count yourself lucky, chums! Here we have Musiversal – founded by [insert]. I’m left a little unsure what it actually is. I thought it was a SASS online music studio product – but later found out I was wrong. BUT… that shows this pitch deck was not effective! I got that impression because the #traction data and the description of the product do not seem to fit neatly into one another. Use SASS unit economics, I assume it’s a SASS product. There are four key takeaways here… – What unit economics a #VC, in particular, looks for at various stages of #investment for a product like this – How a #Venture Capitalist vs an #Angel investor thinks about your #valuation – Being clear on what a product vs a solution really is – And some very specific things regarding the #entertainment economy and why #investors often shun it altogether The outcome? Yes… I read through the whole deck and didn’t discard it prematurely (like I usually do). Would I take a meeting? As a VC, I would but I’d not be hopeful due to the small market opportunity and overhype. As an #angelinvestor, I would but I would have very specific questions on timeline and need quick clarification on whether there’s really any IP here. I wish Musiversal well. We know all too well at The Rattle just how hard it is to hack the early stages of growth in the entertainment world. So, good luck. If you’d like a cold read of your own, just comment below. And please follow me on YouTube (link) or LinkedIn for more free fundraising tips and tricks

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