Cold Read – Rockids – a reading-trainer application for young children with dyslexia


Now this is an *excellent* example of an early-stage/pre-seed pitch deck. Like… really… wowsers! It’s often too easy to show/share things that people do badly – but if it’s not counter-balanced with sharing what people do right, then what’s the point, eh?! Here we have Rockids – a reading-trainer application for young children with dyslexia. This pitch deck is a great example of how to pass the ‘flick test’ – a way to read a pitch deck in 60 seconds or less and get 90% of the general narrative. It also clearly demonstrates excellent founder-fit to the problem, and gives a comforting impression that there is a meaningful social and commercial problem being solved. This is clearly a VC-play. Many of these kinds of decks will likely get a lot of angel-investor interest (due to the subject matter). But it’s the kind of opportunity that only succeeds if you attack the market hard & fast. You need to race to the top of the app-store, be featured in mainstream media, and absolutely nail the *objective proof* the application delivers on its promise. Only, imho, can a VC provide that kind of momentum & capital. It’s not perfect though (imho). The definition of the customer is woolly, and as a reader, I’m not left entirely convinced the app is ready to hit the market. That being said, it’s so good on the other parts of a pre-seed deck – story, confidence, founders, innovation – that any (good) VC and Angel would take a meeting (so long as it fits their own thesis). Good luck team Rockids.

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