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PITCH DECK COLD READ TIME! Here we have a fine example of a founder attempting to create a new and novel kind of #pitchdeck , but it failing totally and miserably 🙁 Watch the video to see how…

Oh dear 🙁

In this Cold Read, we have Tickets for Good – an events ticket reseller of overstocked shows to be donated/wholesaled off to deserving communities (like NHS workers etc). I know first-hand that the founder, Steve Rimmer is a bloody brilliant human. I also know this #startup has had some seriously impressive backing. But this attempt to communicate their startup to new #investors in a quasi-infographic format falls completely flat.

FOUNDERS! It’s so important to keep in mind that the person on the other end of your pitch deck rarely has a lot of time on their hands. Additionally, they are also in ‘pattern recognition’ mode before they dive into your startup in any real detail or with any keen interest.

Every founder creating a pitch deck should keep the above in mind and play to that psychology. As painful as it may sound, being cliché in your format really makes the odds of you getting a meeting much higher (I know, I hate it too).

Regrettably, If I were to see this for the first time without knowing the startup or founders, I wouldn’t even get passed my initial ‘flick test’. I’d put it aside and only take a meeting if someone I trusted emphatically said I should.

Hugs to you, Stephen Rimmer – I’m sure this is a painful one. Of course, it’s solely an opinion. My opinion is worth nothing more than the calories it’s taken me to type it. But I do hope it provides a little ‘jolt’ and steers you in a (imho) better direction.

As always, comment your name (or nominate someone else) if you’d like me to do a cold read on your deck. I always send you the full unedited version. And follow me on Youtube and LinkedIn for more free founder & startup investor advice

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