Cold Read – Renkap – Construction Industry Pre-site Survey Tech


This one is a beauty of a cold read. What we have, across 5 minutes, is some of the best things to do in a pitch deck, and some of worse. Here’s my ‘ranking’ of this deck:

If I were a VC: I’d have to say no and not take the intro 🙁
If I were an angel investor: I’d say yes to the intro

This pitch deck provides a brilliant example of what I call ‘fundraise misdirection’. It’s a ‘magic trick’ where you pull your reader away from your pitch deck, subtly, to see something even more exciting… luring you into wanting to skip reading the deck and just say yes to an intro.

But it also makes two tragic mistakes. First, it naively attacks the purposes and principals of being a good financial operator. And secondly, a super important lesson in how NOT to make an attractive investment opportunity (wrt market size).

I dive into the why investors might think the above in this video, and celebrate this deck for being both an excellent deck and a failed deck in equal measure. After socialising this deck with a few VC friends of mine, it clearly is a company to watch. But work needs to be done to communicate the opportunity so that it passes even the most basic of VC tests…

Good luck Team Renkap – I’m rooting for you.

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