Cold Read – Measurevent – a ‘impact analytics’ company for live events


Aaaaaaaaaaand here we go again! This time it’s a pre-seed company called ‘Measurevent’ cofounded by local Chilean, Félix Barros .

This deck is a beauty… it has a fantastic example of how to open a pitch deck to build confidence and interest (woo!) but it also is a fantastic example of what NOT to do when talking about your ‘solution’ and ‘team’ (booooo).

Measurevent appears to be a startup building a framework around event analytics. A ‘Google Analytics’ meets ‘Sound Diplomacy’ type thing… but the deck misses the beat on building excitement around the problem/solution. There’s no big vision being presented, which would turn off a hardcore venture investor too. This wouldn’t be one for VCs (based on this deck).

But, if I were a lifestyle pre-seed investor looking for opportunities, I would ask for an intro here… simply because of how they opened the deck. BUT, I would be looking out – probably in the email chain when setting up the intro – to understand if this company has actually invented anything, or whether it’s just a glorified consultancy.

Aaaaaaaaaaas always, this is just my lonely opinion. I’ve raised 15 rounds of capital and invested at least as many times, but that doesn’t make me an expert. It simply gives me a view. If you, or someone you know, should have a cold read, please DM me or comment below. And subscribe to me on Youtube to get more videos and fundraising tips.

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