Crowdfunding Pitch Review – Montvel – A French-made Pellet Barbeque (Full Version)


This time around on our ‘Q&A for Crowdcube’ series, we have Montvel – a BBQ & Pellet Fuel company from France.

Now, to some, not the most glamerous of industries/products – but you can be sure that, until the Star Trek replicator is invented, people will always spend money on home-cooking. So, glamerous or not, this is just-as-valid as any tech startup (in theory).

Now, this isn’t a review of the pitch deck, or even an opinion on the startup. This is simply me trying to help my fellow founders and retail investors ask smart & experienced ‘VC-type’ questions of crowdfunding opportunities. It’s all too easy to fall for a glossy video, or the 200% over-funding hype. Crowdfunding is not ‘pre-selling’ (like Kickstarter or Indigogo). It is about investing – hoping to see a return on your investment – no matter how small.

In this video, I have 2 very core and basic questions I feel are left unanswered in their deckā€¦ questions I would require a good answer to before considering any kind of (meaningful) investment. Watch this video to find out what they are!

Hugs, and best of luck to the Montvel team.

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