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Ah here we are! Time for another dish of brutal honesty on someone’s #pitch deck. My friends, it’s a Cold Read. This time we have the US-based ‘Personal Fav Co.’ – a range of sex-related products aiming at making good-ole love-making’ a safe, pleasurable, and adventurous thing. Now, subject matter aside, let’s discuss the #pitchdeck. If I were a #VC, I would almost certainly – regrettably – not reply. If I were an #angelinvestors, I would only reply if I had a keen eye on #sexualhealth as an industry, otherwise there’s nothing here that would grab an Angel #investors eye.


That’s why you need to watch the video! This deck fails on two critical tests – the first is that if the #founders choose to tell a *financial* story in their deck, then those financials should be able to tell the investment story without any other slides whatsoever. In this case, the financial story comes across mysterious. Which… well… doesn’t work. The next core mistake is that their *founder-fit* (yes, I know I’m already going to stir ire with that phrase – #founderfit) isn’t made clear. It’s as if they are ‘crowbarring in’ #startup credentials where instead the focus should be on past achievement which imply the behaviours of great founders.

There is good here though. It makes a somewhat taboo-investment subject, well, approachable. And there’s *obviously* #traction. Even with a shady and potentially mistargeted market opportunity slide, I still feel there’s a lot here to win. That being said though, if I were sent this cold or via an intro, I would take a pass. I hope all you #founders out there learn from this one, and I very *VERY* much look forward to Stephanie Elias and Hannah Hutton reworking this deck to be either more pointy on the financials, or more founder-fit in their story telling – and continuing on their journey. I have a sneaky suspicion they’ll do well.

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