Cold Read – Anthill – A Web3 Collective for Artists & Fans


This time, it’s Antill – founded by former The Rattle team member, Gigi Piscitelli!

Now, usually, I try and make sure I have no prior knowledge of the startup before recording my cold read. But on this occasion, I already knew the ‘grand plan’. However, I had never seen a deck before or really been told what the company is.

This pitch deck would get the cold shoulder. As it stands, it wouldn’t (for an investor like me) even get a reply. And I didn’t get all the way through it either. I stopped recording where I feel the most patient (seasoned) investor would also stop.

It commits two ‘sins’ in pitch-deck-land. Firstly, it muddies the waters between what is real and what is ‘big vision’. As a result, the reader is left thinking that the startup is trying to be all things to all people. And secondly, which is incredibly common, they do not position their business within their market competitors – but instead, list a bunch of features and which companies don’t have them.

But, I did get to know Anthill after this. And, I well and truly think it can be an incredible ecosystem, powered by a web3 ‘social contract’, where artists and fans can exchange trust capital to bypass many of the inefficient and economic obstacles preventing artists from making a living wage.

So, do check out Anthill. But, this deck needs work…


CAVEAT – This is solely my opinion. I’m not an expert. But I have raised many rounds and invested many times. That doesn’t, however, make me right. Just gives me a strong opinion… nothing more! And if you’d like your deck cold-read, just ping me a DM or comment to someone below whom you’d like to see done. Deal is… if you want me to do it, you give me permission to make a vid (redacting anything sensitive of course)… whether it’s good or bad!!

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