Crowdfunding Review – Violet – A ‘smart home’ dashboard for all your devices


It’s another Crowdcube Pitch Review! The point of this is to give BOTH founders and crowd investors some perspective on what ‘professional’ investors think when evaluating projects to invest in. For founders, the intention is to give some advice and framework on what to include and what not to include when crafting a crowdfunding pitch. For crowd investors, the intention is to allow you to ask ‘experienced’ questions of a pitch before throwing your kids birthday present fund into a random project… just because it has a glossy video.

On this occasion, we are reviewing ‘Violet’ – a ‘smart home’ dashboard for all your smart devices. It’s live on Crowdcube here:

The pitch itself, imho, is not all that bad. BUT it begs the ultimate question any and all investors should be thinking about – “Will I get my money back, and more?”

The pitch lacks clear detail on where revenue comes from. It also demonstrates a real tone-deaf approach to modern team building by being the least diverse group of humans (including advisors) I’ve ever come across in a pitch.

As a prospective investor, I would like to also know how they protect against ‘brand Lock’ – the phenomena of integrating with third parties, but then being at their mercy if they decide you’re an annoying little fly they must swat away.

All in, on face value, this one isn’t bad. It’s well priced (imho), has some evidence of traction, and I can personally see the need. That being said, i would not invest without having my core questions answered. Watch the video to see what those questions are!

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