Crowdfunding Review – Violet – A ‘smart home’ dashboard for all your devices

It’s another Crowdcube Pitch Review! The point of this is to give BOTH founders and crowd investors some perspective on what ‘professional’ investors think when evaluating projects to invest in. For founders, the intention is to give some advice and framework on what to include and what not to include when crafting a crowdfunding pitch. […]

Crowdcube Pitch Review – Howbout – August 2022 (Full Version)

This is the full version review of the Howbout pitch deck on Crowdcube (…) In short, a good deck – but 4 really important unanswered questions… 1) How do they see investors getting a return? It’s not clear in their financial model 2) User growth – numbers are good but only if it’s retention 3) […]

How to understand a Crowdfunding pitch like a real investor

Here’s how to read past the BS on #Crowdfunding #pitch pages. How Crowdfunding is gamed, and how it works behind the scenes. I share what I look out for when I’m looking to invest, what I ignore, but more importantly – WHY I do those things.