How to understand a Crowdfunding pitch like a real investor


Here’s a video explaining how I review #Crowdfunding #pitch pages. I go into how Crowdfunding is gamed, and share how it works behind the scenes. I share what I look out for, what I ignore, but more importantly – WHY I do those things. It’s intended to be helpful to #investors AND #founders alike. I’ve ‘hacked’ Crowdfunding #psychology to raise money many many times. And I’ve also invested (and lost) my fair share of funds by ploughing it into ‘hype projects’ on #Crowdcube or #Seedrs. The general rule of thumb when it comes to looking at Crowdfunding projects is this… If there’s no good reason for it to be Crowdfunding (marketing, alternative project to what VCs/angels look at… etc) as opposed to ‘normal’ funding, then Crowdfunding is almost certainly its ‘last resort’! And never ever ever ever base your decision on the video. Ever. I hope this helps! #crowdfunding #crowdinvesting #venturecapital #angelinvestors #angelinvesting Follow me on LinkedIn or YouTube for more videos

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